December 10, 2023


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‘I fell on a saw and cut myself open so I drove to hospital holding my bowels in a tshirt’ | UK | News#fell #cut #open #drove #hospital #holding #bowels #tshirt #News

A man has spoken about how he drove himself to the hospital with his bowels in a t-shirt after he was seriously injured when he fell onto a saw while in his garden.

Brendan Clancy, a retired builder, was cutting pallets in his garden when he tripped and fell on a saw.

The 67-year-old said he fell onto his saw’s nine-inch blade and saw it cut through his abdomen and bowels.

Following the incident he said he drove to a community hospital 10 minutes away.

Mr Clancy, from the Swansea Valley, said the accident happened when he lost his footing and tripped onto the saw.

He said: “I felt something squidgy and I realised my bowels were coming out.

“I couldn’t believe it. They just kept coming out and it seemed as if it would never stop.”

Sky News reported that Mr Clancy’s wife wasn’t nearby at the time so he “couldn’t wait for help to arrive”.

Later, the Wales Air Ambulance was called to transfer Mr Clancy to the University Hospital of Wales.

He underwent four hours of surgery before he returned home with a 12-inch scar and no lasting injuries.

Professor David Lockey, who treated Mr Clancy, said he was pleased to hear Mr Clancy had recovered.

He said: “Despite the positive outcome in this case, we would still advise anybody in an emergency situation to call 999 directly. It also serves as a reminder to everyone to be careful with power tools.”

#fell #cut #open #drove #hospital #holding #bowels #tshirt #News

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