December 6, 2023


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Customers queue 18 hours for new Popeyes at retail park near Glasgow#Customers #queue #hours #Popeyes #retail #park #Glasgow

Founded in 1972, Popeyes now operates over 4000 restaurants across the world and prides itself as the home of the ‘famous Louisiana Chicken Sandwich’.

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Eager fried chicken fans are said to have first joined the queue as early as 4.30pm on Sunday, September 17.

John Russell, who arrived at around 7.30pm, said: “I’m a long-time fan of Popeyes.

“I’ve been checking the Popeyes Instagram for news of a Scottish opening for two years and dreaming about this launch so had to come down early to be one of the first in the queue.” 

The Herald:

American born, Cynthia Holden, who travelled over an hour from Clackmannanshire to be one of the first to try the Louisiana chicken said: “My first job was in Popeyes when I was 16 so I’m a lifelong fan.

“I’ve been hounding Popeyes on Twitter to learn of the Scottish opening and being here today didn’t disappoint.

“It was a little taste of home.” 

The new Popeyes restaurant has space up to 56 diners indoors as well as offering 16 outdoor seats and a drive-thru service.

Tomorrow, the team will give away free breakfast muffins to the first 25 cars and first 25 pedestrians in the queue from 8am.

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Neil Williamson, chief operating officer at Popeyes UK, said “We thought customers queuing for 16 hours at Cardiff Bay last month would be impossible to beat, but the people of Scotland have set a new record with our first customer turning up a whopping 18.5 hours before opening.

“We’re delighted with the response we’ve had to our first Scottish restaurant and look forward to serving our famous Louisiana Chicken to many more.” 

For more information visit the Popeyes UK website here.

#Customers #queue #hours #Popeyes #retail #park #Glasgow

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