December 6, 2023


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Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for September 19, 2023#Calgary #Sun #Letters #Editor #September

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Give it up

Is Theresa Tam so desperate to be back in the spotlight? I mean, really, wearing a mask and distancing herself from the person next to her? Is it May of 2020 or September of 2023?

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Give it up, Tam. We aren’t going to be scared into doing your bidding anymore.


(But aren’t all things old back in style again?)

Remember the real world, Justin?

I remember coming home from Barbados in January 1977. We were all boarded on the plane and settled in and then the prime minister with security came for a stroll down the aisle! Pierre Trudeau was gracious and shook hands with all of us. Margaret and the kids were upstairs (never saw them). Justin, don’t miss this opportunity — get on a commercial flight and see what the real world is like!


(Better yet, voters should send him back to flying commercial when his Liberals lose the next election.)

Crime unchecked

It is extremely troubling to witness the chaos in many American cities, with crime running unchecked it seems. It is even more troubling, as a Canadian, to witness similar situations in our own major cities, except in smaller numbers of course, yet with the full knowledge that what happens in California seems to drift northward to affect us. Leadership is very much required on both sides of the border to quell this tragic phenomenon. Hopefully we both see sanity prevail.

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(We could learn from these cities and act — but we aren’t.)

Finally getting it

So, it seems the chickens have come home to roost.

The younger generations, despite their mostly left-leaning education, are beginning to realize that all those grandiose platitudes they have been taught, like saving the planet from climate change, not allowing any natural resources to be utilized, and woke don’t mean that much if you can’t afford to put a roof over your head or food on the table.

As a parent/grandparent, I only hope that the following generations have it as good as I have, but it doesn’t appear that will be the case unless there is a reset in priorities from our political masters.

But, according to the latest polls, there might be a little light at the end of the tunnel.


(Some have said that environmentalism started before this financial crisis.)

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