December 4, 2023


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Reader letter: Government needs to get serious about climate change#Reader #letter #Government #climate #change

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It has been a difficult summer in regards to our weather.

If you’re concerned, know that you’re not alone. Polling shows the vast majority of us are concerned about the climate crisis.

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But I’m still hopeful because I know we have all the solutions necessary to change course and avoid future disasters. The only thing stopping us is the fossil fuel industry which I feel is doing everything in its power to block action.

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Enough is enough. This moment must be a wake-up call for our government to finally stop appeasing Big Oil and start putting our communities first.

So far, Parliament has talked the talk, but they’re still propping up fossil fuel companies with subsidies and support for false climate solutions.

It’s time for an all-out push to make polluters pay and get fossil fuels off our power grid and out of our politics.

Avery Ng, Windsor

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