December 4, 2023


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Corkman threw bicycle, watch and earphones into River Lee during row with other man#Corkman #threw #bicycle #watch #earphones #River #Lee #row #man

A 57-year-old Cork man who got into a row with another man on Mary Elmes Bridge ended up throwing the man’s bicycle, watch and earphones off the bridge into the River Lee.

The owner of the bike and other property was at a loss for the €410 value, Sergeant John Kelleher said at Cork District Court.

Alan Healy who lives at an apartment in Joachim & Anne’s on Anglesea Street, Cork, pleaded guilty to a charge of causing criminal damage to the bicycle during the incident six months ago.

Judge Olann Kelleher took into consideration the fact Healy had gathered the full amount of compensation for the owner of the bicycle and other property and he imposed a total jail term of eight months, which he suspended.

Garda Aideen Hallahan responded to the call at lunchtime on March 3, where it was reported Alan Healy had thrown a pedal cycle belonging to Uyi Agho into the river from Mary Elmes bridge.

In mid-afternoon on June 1, Garda Laura O’Connor was on mountain bike patrol on Paul Street when she encountered the same 57-year-old man.

Sergeant John Kelleher said: “He had cannabis herb wrapped in cling film. He got very aggressive in his manner and placed the suspected herb wrapped in film up his rectum. 

“Mr Healy had to be restrained due to his level of aggression and he retrieved the cannabis from his rectum.” 

30 previous convictions

He later made full admissions and pleaded guilty to charges brought against him arising out of both incidents. The accused had 30 previous convictions, including one for obstruction, one of possession of drugs and five for being drunk and a source of danger to himself or others.

Frank Buttimer, solicitor, addressed Judge Olann Kelleher saying: “I would ask you to take into consideration his plea of guilty, his personal circumstances including pretty significant health problems and educational and social difficulties.

“He has had to some extent addiction difficulties. He is a habitual cannabis user that he almost takes medicinally, whether or not there is an addiction.

“He does not intend to be offensive to people. [At Mary Elmes Bridge] he had an encounter with an individual in a group situation. He took possession of the bike and damaged it wrongly.

“Even though his circumstances would not be great, he gathered compensation and paid it over in relatively quick time.” 

Charges including causing criminal damage were brought against him in respect of the first incident and obstruction of gardaí in relation to the second one.

#Corkman #threw #bicycle #watch #earphones #River #Lee #row #man

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