December 4, 2023


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Vaping may lower men’s sperm counts, shrink their testicles: Study#Vaping #mens #sperm #counts #shrink #testicles #Study

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While it’s no secret that smoking and vaping is bad for one’s health, there’s now another thing for men to worry about.

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New research out of Turkey found that vaping could shrink the size of testicles, reduce sperm counts and stall sex drives.

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Scientists measured rats’ testicles before and after the animals were exposed to cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapours and identified biomarkers of stress in the blood and genitals.

The sperm count of rats not exposed to any nicotine substances was 98.5 million per millilitre, while the total for rats exposed to e-cig vapours was 95.1 million sperm per millilitre.

Unsurprisingly, the rats exposed to cigarette smoke had the lowest of all sperm counts — 89 million per millilitre. That group’s testes also measured the smallest and weighed less than the rats exposed to e-cigarette vapour and the control group.

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“It should be considered that although [e-cigarette] liquid has been introduced as harmless in smoking cessation studies, it could increase oxidative stress and cause morphological changes in the testicle,” researchers wrote in their report, published in the current issue of Spanish-language journal Revista Internacional de Andrologia.

The authors did say more human data is needed to support their findings, concluding, “To be a safe option in smoking cessation studies, its effect on people needs to be enlightened.”

According to Statistics Canada, 23% of high school students across the country have tried a vaping product with teens and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 24, reporting the highest rates of vaping.

Vaping to reduce stress was reported as the main reason for vaping among 15-19 years (33%) compared with 58% of those aged 25 and older who reported using vaping to reduce, quit or avoid returning to smoking.

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#Vaping #mens #sperm #counts #shrink #testicles #Study

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