December 9, 2023


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Garuda Aerospace introduces drone training program to empower people with disabilities#Garuda #Aerospace #introduces #drone #training #program #empower #people #disabilities

In a bid to strengthen its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEandI) initiatives, Garuda Aerospace has launched the Equality Drone Training program, along with the Bharat Drone Association and National Drone Pilot Association, specifically designed for persons with disabilities.

Kickstarting in Chennai, the program will provide free-of-cost training, education and skill development over a span of 10 days to persons with disabilities. The Equality Drone Training program is supported by Varsha Kukreti Augustine, Founder and CEO of AutoMicroUAS, and MJ Augustine Vinod, Group Captain (Retd), says a release.

The equality drone training program is designed to train individuals with physical disabilities including deafness, speech impairments and mobility constraints. The programme with theory and practical sessions will cover aspects across both, maintenance and operation including data analysis. The program spans the utilisation of drones across agriculture, surveillance and mapping, and e-commerce and delivery, thus equipping participants with skills required across a range of industries. The training is tailored to individuals depending on their disability to further empower them, the release said.

#Garuda #Aerospace #introduces #drone #training #program #empower #people #disabilities

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