December 6, 2023


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Newspaper headlines: ‘Vindictive’ rail unions and ‘talk show king’ dies#Newspaper #headlines #Vindictive #rail #unions #talk #show #king #dies

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Metro leads with train drivers union Aslef announcing a strike on the day of the FA Cup final at Wembley between rivals Manchester United and Manchester City. The paper says the strike day on 3 June – one of three – will “ruin” the final for fans and adapts a famous chant for its headline “Ee aye addio, we’ve done the cup”. Meanwhile, Eurovision’s final in Liverpool is also set to be hit after rail union RMT strike on 13 May “hitting Ukrainians” visiting the event. Like many papers today, Metro also pays tribute to American TV host Jerry Springer – who died at the age of 79 – quoting his famous sign-off “Goodbye and take care of yourself and each other”.

#Newspaper #headlines #Vindictive #rail #unions #talk #show #king #dies

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